From the title I’m pretty sure you all can see how I’m desperately hoping that I wont have to have another one. I guess I have to make it clear that the word ‘one’ on the title is referred to ‘blog’. This is perhaps my fourth or fifth blog. My previous blogs are (somehow) inactive and deserted because of many factors (OK, I know I’m being unclear, I’ll just admit that it’s always because I cant remember the passwords of the accounts! :p)

Anyhow, I have been piling up so many thoughts and ideas in my head for quite a while now and my heart is simply longing to write again..if there is a research on ‘the effect of writing on eliminating overstimulated brain’ I’ll be very keen on to be the co-researcher or probably the participant!

So, in this blog I’ll re-post the previous post that I had published and hoping that I can post new ones more frequent. I hope my posts can help me to share out my stories and thoughts (I’m sure there will be some of them that are boring and serious though..) but above all..I hope I can remember my password for this blog. I know..I’ll write it down on my journal this time (^_^)\/


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