He is not God Old Mitey..He is God Almighty!!

Today’s service in the Edge (a church in Adelaide,SA) had awakened me from my sleepy morning and it was really hard to commit my concentration when I’m completely hungry and freezing (it was about 4 degree when I woke up and I think it’s about 8 degree when my friend pick me up before I finished my cuppa tea). Well anyway, the pastor started his preach by passing out the most beautiful characteristics of God which we Christians know and experienced along our lives..
He is absolutely our God with abundant grace, He is God that full of love..in fact..He is the love itself (that’s why He can never stop loving us), He is God that knows and understands our weaknesses, He is God who forgives….

..the pastor kept on reading about God’s characteristics that he wrote down in his pages of notes..and this was when I realize that these long list of characteristics..is only belong to my God..to our God..there is no god can be compared with Him..because none like Him!
My sleepy head was suddenly become light (if I were in cartoon movies..I think there’s a light bulb upon my head that suddenly went on..clickk!)..and it became even lighter.. when the pastor started to read the other side of his notes..the other side of God’s characteristics..the ones that we Christians prefer not to encounter and the ones that rarely be spoken..

Despite that fact that He is God that full of grace..He is also God that is righteous..He despises our sins and He only desires for us to live in His righteous way..He is God that holds the truth..no matter how hard we tried to hide our sins from Him..He always reveals them..because He is God that has power..He is the One that will stand on the Judgment Day and has the authority of it because He is the Alpha and Omega..He is God Almighty..

and it was when..I stopped..I stopped at the very last line that conveys the whole being of God..the characteristic that can never be argued..but very often utterly ignored and mistakenly viewed from our own sights..

We…(or maybe I alone..) sometimes..have extremely belittling Him..we consider Him as our best friend (which is also absolutely true) that decent enough to be the one that must hear our complains, that must be there when we need a shoulder to cry on, the one that must also despises our enemy that lives across the street or just a typical mean boss that seems can never be happy without making our lives miserable everyday at work (I made this up..no offense to my boss..^_^), we demand His faithfulness as our best friend and as our supporter..

We..(yes we..) are forgetting one crucial thing in our Christian lives..

As the preach nearly ended..the pastor say something that was taken from the scripture..
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction”. (Proverb 1 : 7)

As a great blessing I’ve got from God today..I just want to share this with you..because you can be the most beautiful or handsome person in the world, wealthy and contented, you can have three graduate degrees and are a professor to be, you can be the one that own the next generation of computer software and name it Nanosoft (I’m sure that nano means smaller than micro..!), you can be an idyllic person as you wanted to be..and most of all..the person that you choose to be.. But do remember one thing… Fear of God is not a choice to take..it is not also something to do at the end of your day when you’re praying before you go to sleep..it is an obligation..it is for all reasons..above all other reasons..the starting point of everything in life.


This notes was written on Sunday, 27 June 2010

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