Talking bout LOVE

Some people say love is fool…Others say it makes people become fools…I’d say love is just too sophisticated yet at the same time can be as simple as saying the words in your heart.

There are too many hypothesis and arguments on love. Some say true love is the best love of all. I agree with that, but, I’m sure there is no such thing as an un-true love. There has always been and will always be love. I’m just saying that it is better to acknowledge love as the way it is. Don’t be deceived by emotional rush or even lust that may disguise as love.

Lovers described love with miraculous ways. They add lots of traits and characteristics of love as if they know it perfectly well.  Not to mention that these great lovers are also the ones that always on the quest of finding their ‘true’ love.

I really think the use of the phrase of falling in love makes it very obvious that love can hurt you. Well, at least you’ll get a bruise or sore on your feet or arm when you slip over and fall. When you fall in love you have to be aware that sooner or later you will feel the hurt, not on your feet or arm of course, but deep in your heart. I guess I have put a bad reputation on love. Well, I’m sure that 2 out of 3 people might agree with me.

Despite that it’s hard for me to comprehend about love..I am deeply happy that I am loved and I have the rest of my life to learn to love (Well, they said that life is a borderless classroom, isn’t it?) It’s not really like a trial-error thing but I believe when you have someone who loves you, you’ll have the opportunity to love him or her in return in a new way each day and of course this have to works both ways.

Aaahhh never ending and most complicated topic that is too easy to discuss and too hard to do.

I’m reflecting to Love (^_^)


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